Transfer bitcoin wallet to electrum

transfer bitcoin wallet to electrum

until the synchronization process is finished. While collecting the confirmations, transaction icon changes, a checkmark will appear after 6 confirmations. Offline-PC : A secure offline computer without network access. Next step is opening the Applications folder and selecting icon Electrum. Right-clicking on the Unconfirmed box opens safe mode bitcoin information and details about the transaction.

Click in the text area and type the words of your seed. Insert your twelve seed words in the provided box and click next. Trying out real Bitcoin became very expensive because of a high transaction fees, which go up to a 1 and more. Clicking on the Electrum launch icon opens an Install Wizard asking you, how do you want to connect to a server. To find them search the phrase bitcoin testnet faucet. Dat contains all the critical information, and in theory you could just use it with another application, in practice the wallet file format is not consistent between applications, and afaik you cannot use that file elsewhere. Software (always verify signatures!) edit, electrum : Installed on both NET-PC and offline-PC. The sent sum and the transaction fee make the total amount of the transaction. Bitcoin fees are quite complicated to discuss. In order to protect your seed as well as the entire wallet file you can encrypt the copy of your seed or the whole wallet file by picking the Encrypt wallet file. Beware that this task will delete all your data in your wallet. Read This First edit.

Install wizard will show up and open a Keystore window offering you options. Dat file, you may simplify the instructions as follows: No need to install Bitcoin Core on offline-PC. Believe or not Bitcoin works in similar way, you think that your wallet is reduced during a certain transaction. This kind of Bitcoin keys start with number 5 or letters K or L containing a number of various characters, as in the picture below.

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