Swap forex factory

swap forex factory

consider open-trade equity (related blog post: Trade Explorer: for pro traders ). Metric Rows The metrics can be customized by clicking on the metric's cell. If you use a non-descriptive or misleading title, it will be modified by a Website Coordinator within 24 hours. Your Trade Explorer needs the proper Investor Password in order to connect with your brokerage account. Forex Factory has no financial relationship with members, and doesn't request personal information from members. For example, if you're trading standard lots (100K '2 lots' reported on the Trade Explorer means two standard lots (200K). The Homepage also allows for multiple block instances. You can read more about the. Currently, the Trade Explorer is only compatible with brokerage accounts using the MetaTrader 4 or fxTrade platforms.

If you have more than five posts, your username cannot be deleted, as it would disrupt the conversations in which you've participated. Mirs considers both 'Buddies' and 'Subscribers' (found in profile 'Network' block) to be a subscriber, since buddies are simply mutually-subscribed members.  Common nicknames, such as "gold" or "oil will also work as instrument inputs. Only members who understand how to manage this risk (e.g., commercial services) should make this connection. So in a single sentence, the net interest difference between the currencies you are trading (plus some other commissions), that are collected from (or given to) you by your broker depending on your open overnight positions is called as swap fees or forex swap rates. No bickering While trading-related debate is encouraged, members should not engage in mindless arguing, battling, or trolling.

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swap forex factory

To illustrate, if you're viewing the bitcoin expectations 'Pip Change' for the 'Last 24 Hours' shortly after the market opens for the week, you'll effectively be viewing the change since the market opened (not a full 24 hours). Settings The settings (click 'Settings' ( ) in the top-right of the header) give you control over several aspects of your Trade Explorer, such as its name, visibility, permissions, placement, time zone, and start date. Likewise, if your brokerage account is set up to trade mini lots, when the Trade Explorer reports '2 lots' it means two mini lots (20K). Position and Placement These settings allow you to specify where the Trade Explorer appears on the website, and in what position it appears when you have more than one. Rating is available when the video has been rented. Our swap rates are calculated each day.59pm New York time/11.59pm MT4 platform time (GMT2). Therefore, FF market hours are 6:00pm to 6:00pm in your time zone. There's currently an exception to this code for brokers who advertise on Forex Factory (listed on Brokers ) they are allowed to host a thread and respond to traders in the Broker Discussion forum. The nature of this information is primarily real-time (i.e., what's happening right now and the scope ranges from economic data to analysis from members. Please try again later.

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