Elliott analyse bitcoin

elliott analyse bitcoin

money manager. But lets ignore the bubble-or-not-a-bubble talk for a moment and concentrate. May 13, 2018, bitcoin, in just two short weeks, EOS the fifth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization fell from an all-time high.03 to as low.05, losing almost 48 of its value. You will get access to our Professional Elliott Wave analysis in 4 different time frames, Daily Elliott Wave Setup Videos, Live Trading Room and 2 Live Analysis Session done by our Expert Analysts every day, 24 hour chat room support, Weekly Technical videos and much. Most virtual currencies lost between 60 and 80 of their market capitalization and Ripple, which was briefly the second largest after Bitcoin, plunged as well. Alas, so far that is not the case as btcusd plunged by roughly 70 in just a month and a half. Elliott Wave Technical Analysis of btcusd, using the basic rules of Elliott Wave Theory, we can easily call for a very bullish scenario for bitcoin to just keep extending higher as 5 waves impulsive move . Btcusd was approaching the 20 000 mark at the time and financial gurus, hedge fund managers, celebrities and small individual investors alike were rushing to join the bulls.

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elliott analyse bitcoin

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The projected target level for the wave (c) is seen at the level of 3,591. Because Bitcoin would be ending a 7 swings structure in 3 different cycles January 2015 low, August 2016 low and January 2017 low which means we are entering a taking profit area and the move could become choppy at that area. August 22, 2018, bitcoin, bitcoin shot up by over 400 in as little as 20 minutes today in a move some crypto experts attributed to a short squeeze during BitMEXs scheduled maintenance. Fortunately, the month of April has been more generous, allowing the bulls to take a breather and lift Dash prices to 544. However in the recent months, the crypto-currency kept rising significantly bitcoin sambia and finally managed to make new all time high and break above 1200 last week! . As the price of EOS is approaching the 15 mark now, traders are wondering what to expect from now on more weakness. But why is Bitcoin crashing. Between January 4th and April 1st, xrpusd fell from its all-time high.3170.

The most popular cryptocurrency has become a firm favorite of traders across the world and is traded 24/7.
Elliott Wave allows them to understand the sharp price swings and where the currency is headed.
Bitcoin is an open source peer-to-peer digital decentralized cryptocurrency distributed worldwide and btcusd represents the price.
Bitcoin in US Dollar.